Viper Systems® - Citizen Defence   

The Viper Defender™ is the most powerful self-defence stun device of its kind in the world - delivering 950 000 volts of raw savage power to a potential assailant ... in a unit so small that it offers almost invisible personal protection !

  Dual contact probes generate an intimidating display of pulsating current - acting as a terrifying deterrent - while a short blast to an assailant results in extreme pain, muscle spasm, disorientation and loss of balance.

The Viper Defender is completely non-lethal  without causing long term damage.


The Viper Defender is a contact device. When you press it against an attacker, the electricity stored in the unit is dumped into the assailant's nervous & muscular system. This short circuits the signals from the brain disrupting regular muscle function.

The Viper Defender uses off-the-shelf batteries available at any local store. The advanced circuitry includes multiple transformers that boost the voltage while reducing the amperage. This current charges the capacitor releasing it to the electrodes.

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