Viper Systems® - Citizen Defence   

With patented PulseShock™ technology – the Viper Defender™ puts the world’s maximum 950 000 volts at your fingertips in a unit so small ( no bigger than a deck of cards ) that it offers almost invisible personal protection for you & your loved ones.

Dual contact probes generate an intimidating display of pulsating current - acting as a terrifying deterrent - while a short blast to an assailant results in extreme pain, muscle spasm, disorientation and loss of balance. The Viper Defender is non-lethal  without causing long term damage – and requires no licence to operate.

Everyday in South Africa 52 people are murdered, 151 raped, 1353 robbed and 1417 are assaulted. Each and every day. Don't become a statistic.

The Viper Defender is a contact device. When you press it against an attacker, the electricity stored in the unit is dumped into the assailant's nervous & muscular system. This short circuits the signals from the brain disrupting regular muscle function.

The Viper Defender uses off-the-shelf batteries available at any local store. The advanced circuitry includes multiple transformers that boost the voltage while reducing the amperage. This current charges the capacitor releasing it to the electrodes.

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1 sec
startle assailant / pain /
muscle contraction / shock
2 sec muscle spasm / dazed state
3 sec + loss of balance & muscle control / confusion / disorientation


Compact and Lightweight

The Viper Defender's groundbreaking design makes it no bigger than a deck of cards - and weighing a mere 250 grams - easily fitting inside any pocket or handbag.

Two Way Safety Switch with Zero Chargeback

The two way safety switch and LED warning light prevent accidental discharge with a zero risk of chargeback.

Dual Contact Probes

Dual metal contact probes ensure optimum pulse generation.

Recessed Firing Trigger & Contoured Grip 

Recessed firing trigger allows for ease of operation while the shaped contour guarantees optimum handling.

Lifetime Warranty 

All Viper products are precision manufactured and come standard with a lifetime warranty. © 2006 All Rights Reserved